Bitcoin Escrow is a company dedicated towards solving the major escrow problems in the Cryptocurrency community.

The company was founded in response to a growing demand for quick and reputable escrow solutions for large amounts of cryptocoins. Over time, we have built a sterling reputation for ourselves through sheer dedication and reliability.

In 2013, the company began to operate a decentralized system in affiliation with special OTC experts, functioning exclusively by providing the best escrow services for large multinational businesses, private companies and individuals in the Cryptocurrency industry. Bitcoin Escrow has been widely known for its decentralized autonomous operation worldwide. (DAO)

We have our dedicated team of motivated experts who understand not only the process but also the due diligence requirements. Our specialists will liaise with you or your representative from your first contact until successful conclusion of the escrow arrangement and service.

Send Money Instantly

There is no more waiting for days in order to get your money transferred. With BitcoinEscrow everything moves faster. 

Innovative Security

We do not want your money to be lost or stolen that is why we have a fully autonomous system designed to be highly secured.


What do you trade?

We provide liquidity in all supported coins listed on our home page. All vetted users can easily exchange an arranged amount of cryptocurrency to USD/EUR/GBP using our platform.

How are you funded? Do you have investors?

Bitcoin Escrow Services is a privately held company.

Can anyone load with Bitcoin Escrow?

Yes. Jurisdiction permitting, we do work with carefully selected individuals who pass our KYC checks. Bitcoin Escrow support intermediaries and brokers.

Possible Minimum / maximum trade sizes?

Minimum and maximum tranche size can be negotiated and arranged individually by each loaded seller/buyer. (Flexible)

Do I need to deposit funds with Bitcoin Escrow?

Our vetted users load up their accounts after all registration and vetting is completed. (KYC – AML)

Fast closure?

Sign an NDA and a video call (Zoom/Skype) can be arranged where both parties conduct verifications.

(Party – Party)

This rarely occurs and varies from sellers – buyers who feel comfortable to connect.

We ensure total availability of coins and fiat before proceeding to create escrow. Safety of a User’s fund is guaranteed and made paramount in Bitcoin Escrow.

How do you handle intermediary settlement?

Bitcoin Escrow guarantees to always distribute intermediary and broker commissions to all parties, 100%.

IMFPA must be duly filled completely by all intermediary parties involved and forwarded to  support@bitcoinescrow.info for approval and proceedings.

IMFPA must include;

  • Buyer & Seller ID
  • Bank Information /
  • Cryptocurrency wallet address/type (eg: bitcoin address)
  • Signature of all parties/intermediaries
  • If you’re a registered user, include ID only
  • Non-registered intermediaries may include proof of ID (entity) for easy vetting.

Easy way to create escrow?

If your Buyer/Seller is on board you can easily create escrow with other party ID.

When it comes to funding, your Buyer/Seller requests via his dashboard for funding and a nominated account/address will be given.

For withdrawal, you click on withdraw funds and select a secured means for your withdrawal.

NB: Upon the fulfilment of the coins transfer, your dashboard will show available received amount in fiat balance. When a withdrawal is requested, fiat transfer is processed and is usually delivered to the buyer within 1 – 3 business days, depending on the jurisdiction (country), bank and the currency.


Bitcoin Escrow can arrange your trade as priority if you can submit buyer & seller contract then confirm the following;

  1. Buyer/Seller closing date?
  2. Country of incoming funds?
  3. Volume in Tranche (Btc & amount in USD)

This helps us fix spot rate and move quickly.


Can you disclose which institutions you count as clients or personal information of an expert?

Bitcoin Escrow deeds are recognized by several SRO bodies and operates a decentralized system wherefore we do not disclose such information.

Like our other pioneers and visionaries; We believe cryptocurrencies will play an important role in payments processing and as stores of value, as well as have a multitude of other applications in many industries in the coming years.

Our mission is to provide an easy-to-use marketplace that makes crypto assets more accessible for everyone who wants to stay anonymous. Our team includes successful serial technology experts, investors, and crypto enthusiasts that understand the industry, the value of blockchain technology, and how to successfully process a transaction.

Customer service is one of our top priorities and we are proud to offer 24/7 support to all users. If you would like to converse and get to know us better, send us a message now.

You can as well send us an email to; support@bitcoinescrow.info

Our Experts

Crispijn Warnier

Founder and CEO

Frens Voigt

Senior Escrow Officer

Helena van Zeeland

Processor/Escrow Assistant

Gunnar Weijters

Escrow OTC Closer

Lisanna van Rijen

Escrow & Title Coordinator

Shadi de Rooij

Escrow Officer

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